Van Gogh Budapest

The exhibition of the year!

Van Gogh Exhibition in Budapest

There is not much to say about the painter Van Gogh, world famous and one of the greatest artists of all times. Now you have the chance to see his paintings live in Budapest. The Van Gogh exhibition is the first of its kind in the capital of Hungary.

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The exhibition of Va Goghs greatest exposures will take place in the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Dózsa György út 41, 1146 Budapest (Heroes’ Square)
Pf. 463, H-1396 Budapest 62.
The opening hours are daily from 9am to 9pm (cash desk open till 8pm) with the exception that on thursdays it is open until 10pm and that gates are closed on Mondays (except 1st of January), 24th, 25th and 31st of December. On Thursdays the show is open until 10 p.m. The Museum of Fine Arts invites visitors on Thursday evenings with longer opening hours, a Jazz Salon, guided tours and special programmes.


Admission: 3400 HUF (Pre booking 2900 HUF)

Students: 1700 HUF (Pre booking 1400 HUF)

With Budapest Card: 2700 HUF )Buy your Budapest Card NOW - Click here

Minicard Holders: 1700 HUF (Pre booking 1400 HUF)

Ticket types

Every single ticket entitles its owner to enter the museum only once. Once the bar code is checked at the entrance, no other entry will be allowed.

Discount ticket: only for holders of student card, Hungarian pensioners and Hungarian teachers. If you wish to enter the exhibition with discount ticket it is essential that you take a valid card (one of the above listed) with you. Validity will be checked at the exhibition entrance. If your card has expired or you are not the owner of the card you will not be able to enter the museum. Thus it is strongly recommended that you check the type of ticket you choose to buy prior to its purchase.

Foreign students with International Student Card (ISIC)
Members of the Friends of the Museum of Fine Arts

Admittance to the Museum is free for Disabled visitors, with one accompanying person ICOM and ICOMOS cardholders Journalists holding a photo ID
Admission is free for children up to the age of 6.

Pre-booking Ticket

Tickets can be purchased in advance on the web at the Ticket Express ticket offices and at the offices of the Eventim network.

The tickets cannot be used at any time. Opening hours are divided into slots of one hour and you are supposed to choose the exact date and time slot to visit the exhibition. The ticket entitles you to enter the museum at any time within the selected time slot. There is one time slot in every hour from 10a.m. to 4 p.m. (during the Van Gogh exhibition from 9am to 4pm).

The last slot lasts from 4 p.m. to 4.45 p.m.

Please note that the owner of the ticket can enter the museum at any time during the chosen time slot and can stay there as long as he/she wishes, up until closing time. The beginning and ending of a time slot thus indicates the possible time of entry and not its duration.

Gift Tickets

Surprise your friends and loved ones with a gift ticket to the Van Gogh in Budapest exhibition.

Gift tickets are not purchased for a predetermined time-frame. The person who receives the gift ticket can choose the exact date and time slot to visit the exhibition. Gift tickets must be validated for the selected time slot before visiting the exhibition. (For more information on this please go to Pre-booking tickets)

Museum & Tickets

Every Thursday night 6 p.m. - 10 p.m.
The Museum of Fine Arts invites visitors on Thursday evenings with longer opening hours, a Jazz Salon, guided tours and special programmes.

Museum+ programmes

Basic ticket: 2000 HUF
(valid for: permanent exhibitions, Jazz Salon, guided exhibition tours, special programmes)

Discounted ticket: 1200 HUF
(valid for: permanent exhibitions, Jazz Salon, guided exhibition tours, special programmes)

Museum+ full-price ticket with Van Gogh in Budapest *: 3500 HUF

Museum+ discounted ticket with Van Gogh in Budapest *: 2000 HUF
(valid for: Van Gogh exhibition, permanent exhibitions,Jazz Salon, guided exhibition tours, special programmes)

* If this type of ticket is selected, just as in the daytime exhibition visit, a ticket must be purchased for a predetermined time-frame to view the Van Gogh exhibition! With this ticket, one may enter the Museum at any time, but viewing of the Van Gogh exhibition can be made only from the start of the selected time period until its completion. Time periods that may be selected to enter the Van Gogh exhibition during the Museum+ programmes: 6-7 p.m., 7-8 p.m. and 8-9 p.m.
Holders of Museum+ with Van Gogh in Budapest exhibition tickets may enter the exhibition at any time within the predetermined time period, and may remain for as long as they would like. The start and finish of the time period define the time-frame within which one may enter the exhibition, and not the length of time one may remain. This ticket is valid for all other Museum+ programmes as well.

Due to overwhelming demand, we strongly recommend that tickets are purchased in advance!
Audio guide

Audio guide is available in Hungarian and English for the Van Gogh in Budapest exhibition. The Audio Guide provides an interesting introduction about the Museum of Fine Arts, and interpretive audio programming about 56 artworks of the Van Gogh in Budapest exhibition for a single rental fee.

The audio guide fee is 1000 HUF.

Audio Guides can be Rented at the Lower Level next to the cloakroom. Please return your audio player to the Audio Guide desk where it was rented.

If you see this icon on the Catalogue page you can listen to or download an mp3 format commentary on the selected work of art.

Guided Tours

We are able to provide guided tours for individual visitors and groups during theopening hoursof the museum, daily (except Mondays), from 10.00 a.m. – 5.30p.m. in the permanent exhibitions of the Egyptian and Classical Antiquies Collections, in the Gallery of Old Masters, and in the 19th and 20th Century Collection, as well as in the Van Gogh in Budapest show and the temporary exhibitions of the museum, in Hungarian, English, German, Italian, French and Spanish.

Only the exhibition guides of the Museum of Fine Arts will be permitted to lead tours of the Van Gogh in Budapest exhibition. Thus we hope to avoid congestion and crowding of groups. Thank you for your understanding.
Tours of the exhibition may be requested by making an appointment on one of the following phone numbers: 469 7180 or 469 7244 or 469 7266. If you would like to take part in a guided tour, please indicate your request at least one week in advance!
Following registration for the tour and arrangement of the appointment, we ask that you purchase tickets in advance for the appointed time.

Guided tours outside of opening hours, in connection with evening (rented) events may also be requested.

Fees for Guided Tours
up to 20 people
8000 HUF
more than 20 people
10 000 HUF

For individual visitors, the Friends of the Museum of Fine Arts provides guided tours free of charge in the Collection of Old Master Paintings from Tuesday to Friday at 11.00 in English, and on Saturdays at 11.00 and14.00 in Hungarian.

Visitor Guidelines 1. Tickets are checked and validated at the entrance. Please have your tickets and – if a concession was granted – a proof of entitlement with you. Those who fail to present an ID that proves their entitlement to the concession made shall be asked to purchase a complementary ticket.
2. Groups attending a pre-booked guided tour can enter the exhibition without queuing up.
3. Only the staff of the Museum is entitled to provide guided tours in the exhibition. Tourist guides arriving with a group are kindly requested to deliver their lecture before or after viewing the exhibition. Non-museum persons who attempt delivering a guided tour will be asked to leave.

Security 1. In order to avoid fluctuation of temperature or humidity, visitors can enter only through the valve doors. The throughput of the valve door is 6 persons per turn. The capacity of the exhibition space is limited.
2. All bags exceeding 20 x 30 cm must be checked in the cloakroom. Security guards will check the content of bags. Sharp tools (scissors, knives), sprays, food and beverages are strictly prohibited in the galleries.
3. Please help us preserve our treasures: refrain from touching the objects on display and the installation.
4. Photography, including video cameras and camera phones, is strictly prohibited in the exhibition.
5. Please refrain from making or receiving phone calls while in the galleries.
6. The temperature in the galleries is kept at ca. 19–20 °C. Please dress accordingly.
7. Please devote an increased attention to children: please do not let them scamper, romp, etc. Baby strollers or back baby carriers are not allowed in the exhibition.